New Directions & Such

I've been writing a lot over the past few weeks about the blog taking a new direction as my website gets a complete haul over, but haven't shared much insight as to what that new direction will be. Today, I thought I would share those plans.

For two years now, I've kept Cats Like Scotch as an ongoing outlet of the photographs I had been taking. And for two years, the photographs have been posted without any visible common thread to any of you. As I have learned more about photography, people, and myself, I've been able to start focusing in on what it is I'd actually like to do in my visual pursuit. Part of that will be presenting my photographs in collections, or projects, on my website rather than just in an admittedly random assortment as is their current state. In doing so, I feel as though I'm really exposing a great deal about who I am and the things I have experienced. To show you a clip is easy: I can tell you it's a single photograph I enjoy without further explanation but to show you an entire series, well, I have to give you substance, something of myself.
The second part of my plan will be a more focused blog, in some ways, anyhow. It's likely that I will continue to share photographs I take that have no place in a series and would also like to keep you in the loop on the things I'm working on by offering sneak peeks. But, what I'd really like this blog to become is a place for inspiration. Not by myself, but by showcasing the things and people that inspire me. We are all creative in our own way and we are all at risk of falling victim to creative blocks or become stale by continuously drawing our inspiration from one source. One way that I intend to do this is by featuring interviews with different artists regarding their creative process. This feature will begin very soon and will reoccur weekly.

So that's that...



There is nothing I love more than being home on a cold winter day.

In other news: don't hold me to this because it's not entirely dependent on me, but I believe that my blog will be beginning its transition next week... (so stay tuned!)