Utopiafest 2011 [part 3]

[The Black and White Years. Good set, very David Byrne-esque]

[Avi Buffalo. The crowd loved these guys and they were quite kind in person as well.]

[The Wheeler Brothers. Perhaps the best set of the festival, tons of energy both on stage and off; solid set from beginning to end.]

[Keller Williams. Through a bit of technical difficulties, this one man-band kept a very attentive crowd.]

Utopiafest 2011 [part 2]

[The Giving Tree Band. The crowd begged for them to continue playing by the end of their set, does anything else need to be said?]

[Peelander-Z. Not exactly my kind of music but they sure were entertainers. The massive crowd loved their antics set to a Japanese punk soundtrack. And I'm not sure it was entirely an act--behind the scenes, they were just as wacky and brightly dressed.]

Utopiafest 2011 [part 1]

Utopia. Oh, what can I say about you?

You were a dream. You almost have me convinced to throw aside my Montana fantasies to live among your desert foothills instead. Endless blue skies by day, innumerable stars by night, and the perfect silence of wilderness...

Except for the music coming from that neat little music festival in the valley. Utopia Fest, you were perfectly inline with your beautiful surroundings. Clean, well organized, great line up, and food for all (seriously, who would have thought that both vegan options AND ice coffee would be found in such an isolated Texas locale?). Everyone seemed to be in a peaceful and sharing mood; a girl visiting the Giving Tree Band merch table even went back to her tent to bring me a very generous sample of a delicious vegan quinoa dish she had made (and if you're reading this--THANK YOU!). Even the drunkest of drunk never stepped out of line or caused any commotion. Folks, these things are as much as unheard of at any other festival.

As far as the musicians that performed... I don't even know where to begin. I didn't get a chance to catch any of Friday's artists though between the work I had to do on Saturday, I was able to catch a number of sets. I could write on all day about the great people I saw and met that day, but I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Music photos to come... :)