She Speaks!

Calling me quiet would be an accurate description (though my father has long disagreed), but things are changing here at Cats Like Scotch. And I'm not speaking of a rotation in liquor.

For a long time, Cats Like Scotch has been a visual journal of sorts, documenting the occasionally ordinary and sometimes strange adventures I have been blessed to experience. To me, the images I share are so deeply personal that I have never felt the need to offer a description longer than a title. It was only within the last few months that I even began to tag my posts. However, I have recently realized that without letting you in on my experiences, perhaps the photographs are not conveying the message I would like them to and may even leave you feeling ostracized.

In an attempt to make my blog a more friendly place to visit and to share a larger glimpse into my life, as uninteresting as it might be, the Cats Like Scotch blog is making a change in a more vocal direction. I may not always be able to offer a story with my photographs, but if there is something worth telling you, I am going to let you in from now on. And for those of you that prefer my silence, the Cats Like Scotch website is also in the process of a makeover that will result in a more cohesive collection of projects to peruse, without artist commentary.