The Giving Tree Band & Cornmeal/Dallas, TX 10/12/11

October 12th happens to be the birth date of my younger brother, and Texas just so happens to be the state of his birth. So what better way for me to celebrate for him than to fly into that grand state, meet up with my wonderful friends in The Giving Tree Band at the House of Blues Dallas, and continue work on The GTB photo-documentary project I currently have in progress?

After five or six coffees and a short two hour flight, (note to self--lay off the diuretic beverages before sitting in the middle seat on an airplane next to a very tired woman...), I arrived at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. If I were writing an airport review, I might gripe about the lack of available information, the numerous transfers required to get to the desolate train station, and the infrequent service of Dallas' Trinity Railway. Convenience, folks, it's a blessing, not a right. But I'm not writing an airport review, so let's just shuffle by all that.

I did get to the House of Blues, and even managed to make it there before the boys took the stage, spotting Eric and Todd right inside the door. I greeted them with hugs; they greeted me with three vegan tacos from Spiral Diner. These guys know me so well.

Need I tell you that this was a great show? I may have become biased after all the time I have spent alongside the seven boys of The Giving Tree Band, but in the many, many shows I have been witness to, I have yet to see one that I felt was off or riddled with mistakes. (Go find them here or here, like now).

Between helping out with the merch table and shooting photos, I took a small break in the green room. I discovered some leftover Asian peapod stir-fry that the bands had been munching on backstage, and also took the opportunity to wash my face and brush my teeth--you never can tell when another chance may arise.

Cornmeal took the stage next. This was the fourth show I've been a part of with Cornmeal, and much like The Giving Tree Band, they always seem to be on top of their game, emitting an energy that immediately gets the crowd moving.

After the show, the eight of us hopped in The Giving Tree Band's bus and headed to a local grocery store to pick up some late night snacks. I wish I could say that my choice was exciting, but I settled for a box of cereal while the others dined on gluten-free cookie sandwiches, various chocolate treats, chips, and peanut butter covered granola.

Houston bound!

Well, for a bit. Once the sugar wore off and the bus grew quiet, we pulled aside for the evening and caught a few hours of precious sleep before continuing onward the following morning.