The In-between Day

We drove to Austin. We conquered Austin. By conquer, I clearly mean we wandered in and out of vintages shops and ate great vegan tamales...

...and had amazing smoothies (some of the smoothies enjoyed include a banana, chocolate chip, pecan, rice milk, & vanilla smoothie; a mango, blueberry & pineapple juice smoothie; and a blueberry, banana, & coconut milk smoothie; among others). We also helped a girl at gas station who had locked her keys in her car, sat in traffic for several hours, and picked up provisions at Whole Foods for our stay in Utopia.

The Giving Tree Band bus left Austin around 5PM and arrive in Utopia around 10:30. It's not really supposed to be a five and a half hour drive, but between the Austin traffic and our scenic route, it was. We went to the festival before looking for our lodging for the night and we briefly hopped out of the bus to check the grounds out. A short twenty-minutes later, the whole gang loaded back onto the bus and headed to find our sleeping spot for the evening, which had been generously arranged by the festival. The directions provided did not include street names or an actual address, rather landmarks to turn between and blocks to count, and we found the place without problem. We were expecting hostel-esque provisions; we pulled up to a Texas-style ranch home.

The space was to be shared with another band, Digital Antique, but there was ample space for both bands. After everyone had showered, for the first time in a few days, we all quickly headed off to our respective beds, also a first in a few days, and silence fell upon the house. The next day was sure to be a busy one.